Website Login instructions for Customers

In order to book a tour, please go to the website: or .com, or .es or .it

- Select a tour, i. e. Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial
- Scroll down and click on the  BOOK NOW button
- The calendar for the whole month appears( national flag corresponds to the language version available each day).
- Select a specific day.
- Select  the time and  the language version, and press BOOK
- Select  number of tickets you want to book (you can add adult tickets , student tickets etc. to the basket) and then click the BOOK NOW button.
- Fill the form with your contact details and leave a comment if you want to add extra information eg. phone number and email address etc.
- Click BOOK NOW
- Before you click BOOK NOW again please check the reservation details and if everything is correct:
- Press BOOK NOW
- Print the ticket or save it  as .pdf file