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The EnergyLandia Park is located in a beautiful, picturesque area, in the town of Zator on the border of two largest agglomerations of the South: Silesia and Lesser Poland, around 1 hour drive from the City Center of Cracow

EnergyLandia is the first full-fledged Amusement Park, which offers its visitors world class, highest quality services for all ages: children, teenagers and adults. Our Park is a place where parents do not need to watch their kids. Instead, they can enjoy their time playing together and spend it on a journey to the land of fairy tales and fantasy—the world of magical and incredible experiences. 

EnergyLandia is a unique place in which everybody will find an enjoyable attraction. It is a huge complex with an enormous area of 26 hectares, which includes over 30 various modern and advanced devices and attractions, starting from the extreme ones, through family ones, up to those for the kids. All of them are presented using themed, stylised decorations and arrangements, which together create a complete, audiovisual set prepared for each individual device. It is very important, that in EnergyLandia you only need to BUY ONE TICKET to be able to use all devices and attractions as much as you wish and without any limitations. 

What' included?

  • Admission tickets to all attractions without limits: roller­ coasters, carousels, theater , performances , shows, children’s zone , Family zone, Extreme zone and Water Park
  • (IMPORTANT) The ticket does not include food, computer and arcade games, some service points (the photographer, the photo-booth, face painting, tattoos, etc.) and souvenirs.

What you will see

All atractions are being divided into four zones, each one refers to a selected theme decoration and scenograpghy style.

Little kids zone

Carousels, mini-coasters, flume rides, toy cars and planes

Family zone
Roller coasters, flume rides

Extreme zone
Several really extreme devices such as the fastest and largest Roller Coasters, a huge Azec Swing pendulum, and a powerful 40-meter Space Booster arm, which speeds up to 100 km/h, and overloads reach up to 5G!

Water Park
An artificial island with many attractions and water plays. 

Something more?
In addition, 20 interactive games and games, 4 spectacle scenes (two theaters and two amphitheatres), a modern 7D cinema and for all those who like gadgets and souvenirs, several dedicated stores.

Before your visit

Where is the meeting point?
Al. 3 Maja 2 in Zator, in Energylandia Amusment Park
Is it possible to get private transportation to Zator?
Yes, it is possible. Booking in advance is required.
Is EnergyLandia suitable for children?
Yes, some areas like e.g. Fairytale Land zone are dedicated especially for the youngest visitors. Children needs to fulfill the requirements of minimum height limits which may vary regarding a specific types of facilities.
Are there any age restrictions?
A child under the age of 13 staying in the Amusement Park should be under the constant care of a person (e.g. a legal guardian or a person authorized by the guardian, a teacher) obliged to supervise this child, but the person supervising shall decide whether the child will use alone or together with that person the given attraction/facility in accordance with the terms of use of the given attraction/facility.
Are there any top-down parameters for visitors using facilities in EnergyLandia?
Bearing in mind the safety of visitors, we would like to inform that the facilities in the Amusement Park have top-down parameters for people using them (including growth, age, weight limits, etc.). Therefore, it is forbidden to use facilities – which have such restrictions – by persons whose physical conditions (including height, weight, stiffness) make it impossible to use the facility safely and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The standard conditions of use of a given facility are always available before entering the Amusement Park – at the Customer Service Office, as well as on the website of the Amusement Park.
Does the weather conditions may affect visit?
The facilities/attractions – whose correct and safe operation depends on weather conditions – are run and are available to the Customers only in weather conditions enabling safe use of facilities/attractions. In conditions that prevent safe use of the facilities/attractions (i.e. storm, heavy rain, hail, earthquakes, atmospheric discharges, and other such atmospheric phenomena) the facilities/attractions shall not be available to the Customers, while other attractions/facilities of the Park of the Park, whose proper and safe operation is not dependent on weather conditions, shall remain at the Customers’ disposal.
Is it possible to leave the Park premises for a moment and get back in?
If you wish to leave the premises for a moment, simply ask one of employees of EnergyLandia at the gate for a special ID stamp. This will make it possible for you to get back on our premises the same day not more than 30 minutes counted from the time you left the park. Warning! Please make sure you have your ticket with you, you will need to present it on your return.