Main Square Undergrounds

from 30PLN + entrance ticket

Main Square Undergrounds in Cracow

Take just a few steps down under the surface of the Main Market Square and find yourself in Cracow from centuries ago! Just like in a time machine, every step will take you back century or two until you finally arrive at your destination: the beginnings of this city. Dare to go on a journey to a world long gone where vampires existed alongside merchants, where salt was the best currency, and sacrifices were necessary when building a house. Be ready to not only travel through time, but also to see, listen and touch it at the same time. Interested to compare your height or weight with the heighst and weights of medieval citizens of Cracow? This and many more is possible down there. Let us show you Cracow's life and history in a musuem in which unusal symbiosis exists - excavations and modern technology bound together to create a spectacle of sensations.

Nov - Mar: Fri & Sun at 6:00pm

Apr - Oct:  Wed, Fri & Sun at 7:15pm

What' included?

  • English speaking guide service

What you will see

A reconstruction of a medieval merchant’s stall

Former waterworks

A reconstruction of a medieval merchant’s stall

A map depicting distant trade routes.

The remains of burned settlements, the oldest of which dates from the eleventh century.

Before your visit


On national and religious holidays Main Square undergrounds are closed and tour is not available then on Easter, 1st - 3rd May, 15th August, 1st & 11th November, 24th - 26th & 31st December, 1st & 6th January.

Where is the meeting point?
In front of the St Mary’s church in the Main Market Square in Cracow.
How long does the tour last for?
Tour lasts for about 2h.
Does the ticket include also entrance fee to the museum?
No, you pay 30PLN for guide service. While entering the museum you need to purchase also entrance ticket.
Can groups also sign up for this tour?
Yes, however, we ask groups of 7 or more people to contact us in advance.
What if I am disabled perosn?
Underground musuem is fully equipped to provide access for people with disabilities.