Tyskie Brewery Tour

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Tyskie Brewery Tour

One of the most joyful tours. We will take you on tour outside Lesser Poland region to the home of one of the most famous Polish beers. Before you will have opportunity to try cold, freshly brewed beer our guide will take you to small town Pszczyna where you will see stunning castle, with amazing English garden, which used to be residence of owners of brewery in Tychy. Walking through the park you will see examples of most beautiful trees and shrubs and wild animals - pride of Pszczyna's woods. Then we follow for an interesting and humorous tour around the Duke’s Brewery in Tychy and the museum. You will have a chance to get familiar with  production secrets, and also with early as well as more recent history.  

English tour all year long: any day on request

Departure time: 8:30 am

(we kindly ask to make reservation at least 2 days before tour starts)

What' included?

  • transportation by mini-van
  • English speaking guide
  • entrance fees

What you will see

After 2h drive we will get to Pszczyna where guide will show Duke's castle. You will have some free time on main square in Pszczyna for a lunch. Then we follow to English park to see famous bisons of Duke's forests. Later on we take 20 min. drive to Tychy where we start visit in Brewery which lasts aprox. 2h. After refreshing with glass of beer and shopping we are going back to Cracow.

Duke's Castle in Pszczyna

Here you will hear about one of the most powerful duke's family in Silesia.

Bisons of Pszczyna

This is one of only few places in Poland where you can see these majestic animlas.

Main square in Pszczyna

Picturesque square surrounded by charming 18th and 19th century tenement houses.

Brewery in Tychy

Over four hundreds years of brewering one of the most popular drinks in the world presented by local guide.

Before your visit

There is minimal number of participants required: min. 2 people

How long doest the tour lasts?
Tour lasts for aprox.7 hours. After 2h drive you visit castle in Pszczyna and after 1h- 1,5h break. Tour follows to nearby bison farm. Visit in Brewery takes aprox 2h. After all we drive back to Cracow.
Can we go with children for this tour?
Yes, however children can not take part in visit in brewery. It is available only for over 18 years old visitors.
How big are the groups?
Groups for this tour are usually 4- 6 people. We keep groups small to make visit more comfortable and personal.
What kind of transportation there will be?
We provide air- conditioned and comfortable mini - van.
Is there lunch included?
Lunch is not included.