Wieliczka Salt Mine

from 160PLN

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Over the nine centuries of salt extraction the salt mine has transformed into an underground city in which a specific, therapeutic microclimate has developed. Kilometers of underground corridors with impressive chambers, chapels and emerald salt lakes hide the history and secrets of the Mine. These will be unveiled to you by a local guide, who will tell you how, over the centuries, the miners extracted the white gold – the salt. You will have the exceptional occasion to see what happens when man and Mother Nature work together.

What' included?

  • The transportation from Krakow to the town of Wieliczka
  • Entrance tickets to the mine
  • English-speaking guide & tour leader
  • Local guide from the Mine
  • Insurance for the duration of the tour
  • Transportation back to Krakow

What you will see

The ride to Wieliczka, which is about 12 km form the center of Krakow, takes around 40 minutes – 1 hour. Upon the arrival to the parking lot, while your tour leader does all the formalities for you, you will get a break to prepare to go down the steps to the Mine. Every visitor gets an entrance ticket to the mine. The visit, assisted by a local guide, lasts around 2 hours. One break in an underground café is included. After the visit the group gets ready to get on a miners’ lift to get back to the ground.

The Chapel of St. Kinga

The biggest underground temple in the world always fascinates the visitors.

Mining machines and tools.

The review of devices used for the extraction of salt over the years.

Brine lakes

Picturesque underground lakes; the depth of the deepest one reaches 9 meters.

Over 20 salt chambers and other extraordinary salt formations.

Each of them is unique, has history and legends that you will find out about thanks to your guide.

Salt corridors and passages.

The journey through and underground labyrinth will help you feel the real atmosphere of the Salt Mine in Wieliczka

Unique sculptures

The creations made with hands of the Wieliczka sculptors and miners present the history and culture of our country and help you get closer to the job of miners in the old days

Before your visit

Before you decide to purchase a ticket, read the most important information:

IMPORTANT - STUDENT DISCOUNT - Student tickets for all tours of Cracow City Tours are sold to the visitors who show valid student's ID. Data which need to be shown on student's ID are: name of University, owner's name, surname and foto, date of exp. If there is no date of birth on your student ID we will ask you to present also any other document which confirms that you are under 26 years old. 

The discount with "university ID card" does not apply to postgraduate students and masters.

Where is the meeting point?
All tours organized by us begin at Matejko Square no. 2, where the check-in office is.
How long is the Salt Mine tour?
The whole tour lasts around 4.5-5 hours. The ride each way takes around 40 minutes and the guided tour 2 or 2.5 hours. The duration of the tours depends on the number of groups visiting the mine and the traffic on the road. There in no lunch break.
Is the entrance ticket included in the tour?
Yes, all the fees are included in the price of the Cracow City Tours tour.
What should I wear?
The temperature in the mine is 14-16o Celsius (57-60o Fahrenheit), so we suggest taking some light outwear. You will walk down over 800 steps – comfortable shoes will make it easy.
Does the tour involve a lot of walking?
The tour is not recommended for people with walking problems due to the amount of the steps on the tourist route.
Can I take pictures in the Mine?
Yes, but an additional fee of 10 PLN (2,5€) per camera needs to be paid. This can be done underground, during the tour.
Can children go with us?
Yes, there are no restrictions when it comes to children visiting the Mine. Due to the amount of steps the child’s pushchair needs to be left on the bus.
Can I visit the Mine without a guide?
The Mine is not available for self-exploration. Because of safety requirements all groups and individual tourists are obliged to use the services of a local guide.
Can we take a lift instead of walking down the steps?
The lift is available free of charge only for disabled people or those with walking problems. Others are required to pay an additional fee for the lift service. This can be confirmed only on the day of the visit and cannot be booked in advance. The lift takes people only to level -1. To get to level -2 one needs to take steps. At the end of the tourist route all groups take the lift up.