Terms & Policy

1.Tour is departing from the meeting point on 2 Matejki Square (Cracow City Tours check in office) at the exact time shown on your ticket. Remember to arrive at the meeting point at least 10 min. before time of deaprture.
2. Ticket purchased in CCT offices need to have receipt attached, which is confirmation of payment. Only ticket with receipt attached entitles to refund.
3. Before boarding the bus it is necessary to present ticket to the tour leader. If you are not sure which bus you should enter please come inside office on Matejki Sq 2 (meeting point office).
4. For a full refund of ticket cancellation must be made a full 24 hours before tour starts. Cancellations made in less than 48 hours before departure are not entitled to a refund.
5. In case of cancellation ticket purchased in CCT offices can be refund only in the same agency.
6. If you need to make a change to your booking  (travel date/ time of departure) be aware that you need to incur additional payment in amount of 50% per person.
7. It is not allowed to carry and drink hot drinks, eat (fast food, takeaway), smoke, drink alcohol on the bus.
8.People under the influence of alcohol or drugs can not participate in the tour. Tour leader ot the bus driver are allowed to refuse a person under the influence to participate in the tour.
9. There is no toilet on the bus. In case of feeling unwell please report it immediately to the tour leader or to the bus driver.
10. All damages/dirtiness on the bus caused by customer are followed by financial compensation from the customer on the basis of issued invoice. When visible damage or dirtiness is noticed customer is obliged to pay compensation in amount 100 - 200PLN.
11. Durations of the tours are approx times which depend on conditions in the museums and traffic situation. CCT have no liability for delays caused by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control

12. Supplier keeps the right to cancell any tour even 15 min. before tour starts without giving reason and with full refund of costs.
13. We ask all customers to check and take all their belongings from the bus after the tour. CCT take no responsibility for any items left on the bus.

Thank you for respecting terms and policy of Cracow City Tours Company.

CCT Staff